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The Classical Massage and Much More Physical Therapy

Classical Massage

A passive technique for treating muscle tension disorders, myogelosis, or firmness in skeletal muscles. This form of treatment leads to the detoning (reduction of muscle tension) of skeletal muscles, lowering of blood pressure, and a general sense of well-being. This form of treatment can be applied partially to the back or limbs, and also for private payers to the whole body.

Sport Massage

A form of treatment suitable both before and after sports, jogging, or bodybuilding. Here, targeted grip techniques are used to either increase or decrease the muscle tone (tension), depending on whether it is before or after sports.

Marnitz Therapy (according to Dr. Marnitz)

A passive technique consisting of a combination of key zone manipulation related to certain joints and stretching. This method is applicable to all orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Extension Massage

A passive massage technique that combines rhythmic alternation of stretching and longitudinal traction (extension or general distraction) of the cervical spine and special massage grips of the short neck muscles as well as the shoulder musculature. This form of treatment is suitable for all complaints of the cervical spine such as dizziness, restricted movement, firmness, or even osteoarthritis, but also headaches or migraines.

Foot Reflexology Massage

A passive technique where special stimulating grips are used to examine and treat organ zones of the feet. This form of treatment not only dates back to the ancient culture of the Chinese but also to the even older culture of the Incas. Foot reflexology massage can be applied for all kinds of complaints, but it can also be specifically used for general relaxation.

Dorn Therapy

A partly active, partly passive, definitely dynamic-compressive technique for treating joint complaints in the extremity joints and the spinal joints. This treatment aims to center subluxated, i.e., not fully aligned joints through compression during movement and to stabilize them permanently through corresponding frequent repetitions in home exercises. Here, all the above-mentioned orthopedic conditions are considered for treatment.

Manual Lymph Drainage

A passive special massage applied to the contractile (contracting) lymphatic vessel system. The gentlest massage grips are used to stimulate decongestion in cases of lymphatic congestion in the tissues, i.e., water accumulation in legs and arms and/or trunk. Primarily indicated for conditions such as varicose veins of the legs with lymphatic congestion, cellulitis, saddlebag phenomenon in women, or an arm lymphedema in women after breast surgery (cancer).


  • Moor Mud
    A moist heat application that is more intense and therefore has a higher penetration depth into the tissue. Its effects include increased blood flow, reduction of muscle tone (tension), pain relief, and activation of self-healing powers (dynamization).
  • Infrared Radiation
    A less intense heat application that does not reach into the joints but addresses most muscle layers. It has the same effects as moor mud but with lesser heat intensity.
  • Warm Wraps with Medical Hay Flower Additives
    A similarly intense heat application as moor mud. The hay flower has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and circulation-promoting effects. It represents an excellent anti-rheumatic and is also used for all rheumatic diseases, whether warm or cold.
  • Hot Roll
    A heat application that acts on the tissue, muscles, and also on the organs via the cutivisceral reflex with short hot impulses. Indications include firmness, joint blockages, but also osteoarthritis or headache.
  • Cryotherapy (Ice Treatment)
    A cold application that initially causes vasoconstriction, leading to reduced blood flow and pain relief, and as a secondary reaction, increased blood flow and activation of the dynamis.


The term comes from Japan and means “finger pressure”. Thus, acupressure. It represents a whole-body pressure point massage that leads to psychosomatic relaxation like nothing else among bodywork treatments. Two methods are applied:

  1. Nami Koshi and
  2. Deep Shiatsu

Suitable for stress-plagued managers.


  • Current Stimulation
    Used for pain relief, increased blood flow, relaxation of muscles and vessels, and activation of the dynamis.

  • Ultrasound
    Generates internal heat up to the joint structures. The heat is produced by ultrasound causing friction at the cell membranes and by friction heat is generated along with all its accompanying effects.

All the above electrotherapeutic applications are currently not being used by us.

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